Size 10, 13, 312, 675 batteries available.

 Ultima Plus Batteries are stock items.  Please allow time for ordering and delivery of other battery brands. 





 Wax protectors.

 Compatible with some custom and Receiver-in-Canal  products. 





 Earmould Puffer

 After washing your hearind aid mould, ensure that  no water remains in hearing aid tubing.

 Please note: Do NOT get the electronic hearing aid components wet!

 Use the earmould puffer to puff air through the tubing if tubing has condensation droplets forming.



  Drying Capsules

 Draws moisture from hearing aid circuit.

 Prolongs life of hearing aid by reducing corrosion



  Drying Beaker

 Airtight drying beaker for use with dehumidifier crystals or drying capsules. Please remember to         remove your hearing aid batteries prior to use




 Cleansing Stick

 Alcohol Solution which can be used to cleanse moulds and hearing aid casing.

 Has a foam tip




 Cleaning Tool

 Wax Loop and brush to clean wax from hearing aid.

 Magnet to help pick up battery