Custom Earplugs

Custom earplugs are made to fit your ear so they are far more comfortable and are easy to insert and remove.  If you are interested in custom earplugs please book an appointment with our Audiologists for ear impressions to be made.

Swimmers Earplugs

Earplugs are highly recommended for people who regularly swim or participate in aquatic sports.  Frequent irritation of the ear by water can lead to painful ear infections, known as ‘swimmer's ear'.  Custom made earplugs will keep water out of the ear and prevent infection.  Our affordable swimmers plugs are available for adults and children and can be made in our clinic while you wait.

Noise Protection Earplugs               

If you work or spend leisure time in a noisy environment your hearing needs to be protected (to find out why visit our page on protecting your hearing).

For construction workers, metal workers, heavy equipment operators or anyone who is exposed to continuous loud noise, we recommend Hearsaver plugs for maximum protection.  They are designed to eliminate outside noise by reducing sound by 40 decibels.  Hearsavers have been tested by National Acoustic Laboratories in accordance with the acoustic requirements of Australian Standard AS1270, and have an SLC rating.  They are available with or without a neck cord.

Snorers Earplugs

Snoring can affect the quality and quantity of sleep for both the snorer and their bed partner, leading to fatigue, irritability and increased health problems.  Research has even suggested that there may be a relationship between snoring and noise-induced hearing loss in the bed partners of chronic snorers.  Snorers plugs can reduce the sound of snoring for a peaceful night's sleep and because they are custom fit for your ear they are more comfortable than disposable earplugs.

Musicians Earplugs

Musicians and concert goers need to protect their hearing as they are often exposed to high levels of sound, sometimes for long periods.  Musicians earplugs are designed to replicate the natural response of the ear canal so that sound heard with these earplugs has the same quality as the original, just quieter.  Noise is reduced but voices, music, and environmental sounds are not muffled.  Our Audiologists can recommend the best musicians earplugs for you based on your individual requirements. 

Communication Earpieces

A communication earpiece can reduce outside noise while transmitting a specific sound or voice directly to your ear.  They are useful if, for example, you are riding a motorbike or working in noise.  They are also recommended for people who rely on direct communication to perform their jobs such as security guards, theatre personnel or even fighter pilots.