Frequently Asked Questions

How long do hearing aids last?

The lifespan of a hearing aid is known across the industry as being five to seven years.  Some people may get much longer out of their hearing aids.  Increased life is linked to how you care for your aids.  New technologies are developed approximately every two to three years.

My friend didn't like his hearing aids.  Will the same thing happen to me?

While someone you know may have had a negative experience with a hearing aid, that doesn't mean you will.  Everyone's hearing loss is unique.  This is why West Coast Audiology conducts thorough assessments.  Our assessment not only defines your hearing needs, it makes sure the hearing aid you choose is designed and programmed specifically for you.

What is the ‘best' hearing aid on the market?

There is no one ‘best' hearing aid.  A hearing aid that works well for one person may not produce the same results for someone else.  We'll help you choose the hearing aid that fits, feels and works best for you.  That is the ‘best' hearing aid.

Are some hearing aid batteries better than others? 

Yes they are.  We have sourced the best quality batteries based on recommendations from long term hearing aid users.

What should I do if my hearing aids get wet?

  • Open the battery door
  • Use a hair dryer on cool setting to blow out any moisture
  • Bring the aid into our clinic and we will use a special hearing aid vacuum on it
  • Place the aid in a dehumidifier kid. These are available from the clinic.
  • If the hearing aids have stopped working and the manufacturer cannot repair them, your insurance may cover the cost of replacement

How much do hearing aids cost?

The cost of hearing aids can vary depending on your needs and preferences.  We recommend booking a free no-obligation hearing aid discussion with our Audiologist to find out more.

Pensioners and DVA cardholders can receive free or subsidised hearing aids through The Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

You may be eligible for private health insurance rebates depending on your provider and level of cover.  Your hearing aids may also qualify for the net medical expenses tax offset.  All hearing aids are GST free.

Can I receive a Medicare rebate for hearing services?

Generally Medicare rebates are not available for hearing services unless they are performed under a chronic care plan.

If you are a pensioner or DVA cardholder, you may be eligible to receive free services under The Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

Can I receive a rebate from my private health insurance for hearing services or hearing aids?

Please contact your insurance provider as any rebate will depend on your health fund and level of cover.

Your hearing aids may also qualify for the net medical expenses tax offset.  All hearing aids are GST free.

Why do I need to insure my hearing aids?

We recommend having your hearing aid insured if you would normally insure an item of its value.  This will cover you if your hearing aid becomes lost or damaged. 

Can you repair hearing aids?

We can repair all makes and models of hearing aids.  Your hearing aid may need a simple adjustment which can be done in our clinic.  We can send hearing aids requiring major repairs to the manufacturer.  We can fit you with a loan hearing aid if required while you wait for its return.  

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