How Hearing Aids Could Help

Most hearing losses can be improved with the use of hearing aids.  Today's hearing aids are highly advanced and technology allows us to tailor them to your individual needs.  They can also be very discreet.  Studies have shown that adults who wear hearing aids often see improvements in their self-esteem, relationships, and social life.

How hearing aids work

A hearing aid is a small electronic device that is worn in or behind the ear.  It amplifies and changes sound to improve communication in both quiet and noisy situations. 

A modern hearing aid has four basic parts:

  • Microphone - captures sound and converts it into an electrical signal which is sent to the amplifier
  • Amplifier - increases the volume of the signal
  • Microprocessor - adjusts the signal to suit the individual's unique hearing loss
  • Speaker/earphone - converts the processed signal back into sound which is directed into the ear


Better hearing with both ears

Ears work best when they work together.  If you have a hearing loss in both ears we recommend wearing two hearing aids.  This offers several advantages, for instance:

  • Both ears stay active - studies have shown that when a person with hearing loss in both ears wears a hearing aid on only one ear, the unused ear can gradually lose its ability to hear and understand.
  • It is easier to locate where sounds are coming from and how far away they are
  • It is easier to hear sounds coming from a greater distance
  • It is much easier to distinguish speech from noise